Why Buy Platinum Coins?

Many investors buy gold or silver coins. Not so many buy platinum coins. Is it that platinum coins are not worth as much by weight? Or is it because platinum coins look like they are made of cheap metal? It’s certainly not because of the first reason. When you hear the term “silver, gold, and platinum” you are going up the scale in terms of value by weight, although at times gold has been worth more per ounce.

Platinum coins are not a new phenomenon. Platinum has been used as money since the 18thcentury, if not before, although not in the United States. Platinum coins fell out of favor, since the metal does not look expensive, as gold or silver does, and platinum is not an easy material to work with. It was really not until platinum commemorative coins began to be issued and caught on with collectors, that platinum coins began to be looked at as an investment.

How much can a platinum coin be worth as compared to a gold or silver coin? A United States Platinum Eagle coin weighing one once would sell for about the same as a one ounce gold coin. It would therefore seem than that platinum coins would make a good investment. For one thing, the price of platinum has been rising steadily for many years. In addition, the price to buy or sell platinum has not been as volatile as that of either gold or silver, making it a more comfortable investment for the more faint-of-heart.

One can buy platinum coins for the value of their platinum content, or for their value as collectibles, or both. Platinum commemorative coin sets minted in the United States in recent years have been issued in limited numbers, and these sets have usually sold out within a few days of issuance. If you choose to buy platinum coins for their collectible value, it’s imperative that they be stored in a manner such that they will neither become tarnished nor scratched, as their collector value may diminish considerably.

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