Buying Precious Metals: A Quick Overview of the Facts

Are you considering buying precious metalsto protect your wealth?  This is something that the wealthy have done for thousands of years.  From the beginning of time, even kings and governments have noted gold to be stable in its value.  While other commodities are subject to market forces, gold seems to be nearly immune.

Consider the fact that since the Fed took over the US Dollar and created its own fiat currency, it has undergone massive inflation.  In the 1910’s a gallon of gas was $.07.  It is now $3.65.  Now imagine if that were your savings account.

If you had $100,000 in your account in 1910, it would only be worth $200 in today’s standards of living in 2012.  However, if you had owned only $25,000 in gold in just the 1970’s, you would be sitting on over $500,000 in 2012.  As you can see, not even currency inflation can defeat the impenetrable value of gold.

Gold has outperformed every stock, bond, and currency, considering the fact that it has out lasted wars, famines, and crises on biblical scales.

How To Go About Buying Precious Metals

One of the best ways to go about buying precious metalsis to invest in either a gold IRA account, or you can store your investment on-site.  These two methods are by far the most common, and are the most protected given your current situation.

You might want to invest in gold and keep in on your own property if you live in a rather rural area, which has a low crime rate.  Also, you need to make sure that you have a good safe that is bolted to the floor.  Since your entire life savings is packed into an area that is tangible, you will want to make sure you can protect it from theft, and especially fire (because gold has a rather low melting point.)

A gold IRA is probably the most secure of ways for buying precious metalsbecause it is stored in an off-sight secured facility, which is heavily insured.  It works just like a standard IRA, which means that you can roll over your existing 401k, and convert in into a precious metals IRA account.  Also, it is not subject to capital gains or income tax until it is liquidated.  If you are concerned about market forces and the IRS getting to your life savings, then you may consider that buying precious metalsis a great way to go.  Be sure to find out more by signing up for a Complimentary Gold Investing Kit from Regal Assets today.